Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Scope

Last night I went to Gander Mountain and had my Nikon scope put on my Remington 750 and also had it bore sighted. I used Leupold mounts to secure it to the rifle. The gunsmith at Gander Mountain did a fantastic job and I believe this scope will bring years of service.

I have never used a Nikon scope before, but this particular 3x9 50mm objective received good reviews and for the purchase price I don't believe I could go wrong.

I also purchased some shells, Remington 150 grain express core lokt, PSP. This should definitely do the job on whitetails in Missouri this fall. I am really looking forward to taking this rifle out to the range and seeing how it will group.

The plan is to sight it in at 1 1/4 inches high at 100 yards. I am planning on a maximum shot range of 200 yards, so I should be good to go if it all works out.

Now I am thinking about what backup rifle to take. It's between a 243 caliber and a 30-06 caliber... any ideas which would be better? I am really trying to minimize recoil but have sufficient knockdown power. That's why my first choice is the 270 semi automatic.

What type of rifle set up are you using?

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  1. The 30-06 can be loaded so the trajectory is close to the same as your 270 so you won't have to change your holdover and it can be loaded for lower recoil also... its very versatile. The 243 may be a little light if your trying to know down an exceptional buck (once in a lifetime)