Friday, March 27, 2015

Western River Game Stalker Pro Electronic Game Call

The Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro Call seems to be a very good product.  I purchased the call through Amazon and it arrived quickly. It came preloaded with 400 calls and was easy to understand and set up.  The call uses eight double AA batteries and the remote uses one 9 Volt battery.  Most of my flashlights use double AA batteries so I usually have a few spares in my backpack.

The turkey calls sound great and I can't wait to set it out with a few decoys and see what walks in this spring.  I am also excited to use this call to bring in a few coyotes. My friend Glenn has been asking me to go coyote hunting in the evenings. This call is a perfect reason to get me out one night hunting.

After I use it a few times in actual hunting situations I will complete a more thorough review. So much for keeping it simple this spring.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fairbank Rod and Gun Club 2nd Ham and Bacon Shoot

Here is a great video promoting the second ham and bacon shoot April 11th at Fairbank rod and gun club. Registration starts at 10 AM and shooting starts at 11 AM.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Western Pa Wounded Warriors Ham and Bacon shoot

Yesterday was our first ham and bacon shoot of 2015 for the Western Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors. The shoot took place at the California Hill Gun club and was very well attended.

I shot four rounds with my new Stoeger shotgun and came very close to winning two events. Unfortunately, I was edged out this week. We all had a great time shooting and getting together for the first shoot.

Shooting this weekend provided a much needed distraction. My dad is currently in hospice care and will not make it much longer. The nursing staff indicated he would pass on sometime this week. Having friends at Fairbank Rod and gun club and within the Wounded Warrior group made this weekend much better.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fairbank Ham and Bacon Shoot

Today was the first ever ham, bacon and turkey shoot at the Fairbank Rod and Gun club. It was a fantastic day and I won the first shoot, an 11 pound black forest ham. I was shooting my new Stoeger 12 gauge shotgun. Tomorrow is the Western Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors ham and bacon shoot. I'm looking forward to it and another day on the range.

The next ham and bacon shoot at Fairbank rod and gun club will be held on April 11th. Registration will begin at 10 AM and shooting will start at 11 AM.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WVU Wins National Rifle Championship

WVU Football, WVU Basketball, News - Mountaineer Sports

Congratulations to the West Virginia University rifle team for another outstanding win. The team traveled to Alaska and brought back another national rifle championship.

It's great to see local shooters compete in national championships. Each team member should be proud of his or her performance. You certainly set the target high for future marksman.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Patterning My Shotgun

On Monday morning I was able to get to the range just in time to see a flock of turkeys crossing down below me in the fields. It was a beautiful site to see.  It made the urgency to get my new Stoeger shotgun and Bushnell scope sighted in even higher.

Now I can practice shooting for a few weeks before the season opener. I was shooting 2 3/4'' shells with number seven and a half shot for the ham and bacon shoot. When I go turkey hunting I will be using 3'' shells with number five shot.

Have you sighted in your shotgun or crossbow for the Pennsylvania spring turkey season yet?  What broadheads or shotgun loads do you prefer for spring turkey?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Push Button Turkey Call

I plan on using this simple to operate Turkey call this spring. Along with a larger box call if necessary. I think my motto this spring is keep it simple stupid. What tactics are you planning on using to harvest your spring gobbler?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The New Hat

I think the new hat is looking sharp. I can't wait to take this hat to the range this week and get some shooting in.  My shotgun needs sighted in for the ham and bacon shoot next week. Do you have a favorite or lucky hat.  "Luck" is when opportunity meets preparation, I hope I'm lucky at the shoots next weekend.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Hunting 101 Class

My friend Katelyn conducted a Hunting 101 class this past weekend for her senior project in high school. The class took place at the West Allegheny high school. It was a very informative class and was well attended by the community. Katelyn also donated the money generated from the event to the Western Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors. I think it's great that a young lady is so enthusiastic about advocating for hunting, sportsmanship and conservation.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

2014 PA Deer Harvest

Harvests decreased statewide in 2014-15, report shows.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission today reported that, in the state’s 2014-15 seasons, hunters harvested an estimated 303,973 deer – a decrease of about 14 percent compared to the 2013-14 harvest of 352,920. Hunters took 119,260 antlered deer in the 2014-15 seasons – a decrease of about 11 percent compared to the previous license year, when an estimated 134,280 bucks were taken. Also, hunters harvested an estimated 184,713 antlerless deer in 2014-15, which represents an about 16 percent decrease compared to the 218,640 antlerless deer taken in 2013-14.
 “We put these numbers out each year and, whether there’s an increase or decrease in the harvest, people want to know why,” said Game Commission Executive Director R. Matthew Hough. “While it’s impossible to provide explanations with certainty, there were a couple of factors over the 2014-15 deer seasons that seem to have contributed to a decreased harvest.”
Some of the decrease is by design, Hough said. The Game Commission last year reduced the number of antlerless licenses available for sale. Fewer licenses were allocated in nearly every Wildlife Management Unit, and statewide, 59,500 fewer antlerless licenses were issued.
 Reducing the allocation within a Wildlife Management Unit allows deer numbers to grow there.  Records show it takes an allocation of about four antlerless licenses to harvest one antlerless deer, so a reduced antlerless harvest was anticipated due to a reduced allocation.
Additionally, the weather during the two-week firearms deer season was less than ideal in much of the state. Some parts of the state saw unusually high temperatures on the season’s opening day. And depending on where you hunted, conditions on the first Saturday might have included steady rain, snow or dense fog.