Thursday, September 29, 2011

2011 Buck Season in Pa

Archery Buck season starts this Saturday here in Pa, I plan on hunting 2B with the guys from Whitetail Mgt. Associates.  We will be hunting the same property that I harvested a doe on this season.

I need to pick up a new battery for my laser range finder and batteries for my head lamp and GPS.  But other than that, I am all set.  I have been going through my mental check list of gear and my shot process.  I would love to have this site picture on Saturday.

I would love to send a Rage broad head through this Monster Buck.  Archery season has always been very special for me.  It's what I look forward to all year.  I hope all the preparation pays off with an opportunity for a mature Buck, a quick clean kill and a easy recovery.

The temperature is only expected to be a high of 50 Saturday, so it will feel like fall for sure. I will be using the Action TrackChair and Mobi-Blind, so check back for pictures. What are your plans for opening day? Good luck and be safe out there!

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    Bets of skills to you this weekend Greg !!