Thursday, September 15, 2011

Custom Hitch Action TrackChair

My friend Justin Ubel over at Axxess Creations manufactures custom products for individuals with disabilities.  Maybe he does so well because he is a PWD and uses what he makes as well...

He sent me this BAD ASS custom hitch and receiver just in time for my crossbow hunt.  Now I can move my trailer using the Action TrackChair and hopefully drag my doe out with it too!  This is the mother of all hitches,, thanks Justin!


  1. awesome, does your chair have a receiver under it?

    1. Yes, the hitch does slide into a receiver that attaches to the back of my wheelchair. Contact Justin if you're interested in getting something special made.

  2. Cool, might need that so we can move our generator when we go camping, I have 2 daughters who want to go camping. That means a generator, a popup camper and a portable shower/bath and a portable village... not my idea, theirs.