Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bushnell GPS Follow Up

I did end up purchasing a Bushnell Backpack GPS D-Tour and as usual, Field & Stream was right. 

This GPS unit is extremely easy to operate with only four buttons and is very compact and lightweight.

Five waypoints are easily stored and just as easily returned to by following the arrow.  Software is available for free (downloaded) to a PC or Mac, to track your route using Google map's.

My unit quickly found a satellite connection yesterday.    So after setting it up which took only a few minutes, I decided to give it a test run.    I was not hiking the Appalachian Trail, but did have plans to attend the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game.

I set the trip function and set off to the Consol Energy Center.   The GPS displayed my miles per hour and distance traveled as we made our way to the hockey game.   Once we arrived,  I marked my van location in the parking lot and turned the unit off.

After the game, I simply turned the unit on and followed the arrow directly to my Van, it really was that easy.  But because I am really a geek, I also connected it to my laptop by USB cable when I got home.

The software showed my route to Consol, distance traveled, elevation and temperature.  This will be great info when bow hunting.  By using the software, I can use satellite images and topography to look for  funnels and push points that game will be using.

 I am very impressed with this little unit and will be using it a great deal this season! 


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