Wednesday, August 31, 2011

New Semi Automatic Rifle

Last night I purchased a new Remington 750 Woodmaster, chambered for 270 Caliber. Growing up I was always a fan of the Remington 270 BDL, I believe it is one of the flattest most accurate shooting rifles on the market. It was my favorite rifle by far.

The problem for me was my 270 BDL was a bolt action, leaving me with only one shot since I am unable to independently work the action. So last night I traded my longtime 270 on the new semi automatic model.

Using the sip and puff trigger-adapter I will be able to have four quick shots if need be. I need to put my Nikon scope on it this week, get it bore sited and dialed in before November!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rage Broadheads

I use Rage two blade 100 grain broadheads and they rock ! Using these heads I was able to take two trophy whitetails (8 pt and Doe) in Pa last year. I am using them again this year and I hope to get a shot at Bullwinkle...

Kodabow Crossbows

Check out this Story and recent new Pa crossbow company kodabow. I know we will be hearing big things about Kodabow in the future.

I already like the fact that they hunt with hunters who use wheelchairs !

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Thanks Elusion Camo

I have been emiling Lee the owner of Elusion Camo about the difficulties getting back into the woods as a hunter with a spinal cord injury.

He took it upon himself to design a camouflage poncho with accessories that will cover both myself and my action trackchair. I should have the completed design very soon for my September crossbow hunt.

This is just one of the things I have going on right now in regard to hunting. When the package arrives from Elusion Camo, I will post pictures, you may have to look closely to find me! Yes, its that good.

Here is a company that definitely cares about all hunters including those with disabilities! Thank you so much Lee and all your team members for making camouflage accessible for everyone not just the able-bodied.

Pa State Parks and Goose Hunting

Pennsylvania State Parks Again Offering Early Canada Goose Hunting - MarketWatch

Hunting in our state parks offer's better access for hunters with disabilities. I am not a goose hunter but I think this is a great chance to bag a Canadian !

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shooting In your Crossbow

Here are a few tips when you zero in your crossbow. If you would like to add any additions please feel free to do so.

1. Number your bolts (arrows). Believe me every arrow is different and you may occasionally get a flyer or outlander.

2. Start shooting at a close distance (10 yards) from a steady rest. When you group 3 bolts tight, move to 20 yards.

3. On a crossbow scope, 20 clicks equal 1 inch at 20 yards... yes I know it sounds like a lot but that's what it is.

4. Buy yourself a good bag target capable of stopping today's high-powered crossbows. They also make it very easy to remove the bolt, 3 D deer targets are extremely difficult to pull the bolt out of. Be sure of your background and be safe.

5. On a graduated crossbow scope, each line down represents approximately 10 yards. The first crosshair should be sited in at 20 yards, then 30 ect. Write down the exact yardage for your particular bow, the second line may be 28 yards not 30. Tape this chart onto your stock for quick reference when hunting.

Shoot as much as your schedule allows before the season, you owe it to the game and to yourself so that when Bullwinkle approaches you can close the deal!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crossbow Tests 2011

Read the full story HERE

Elk in Maryland, It Could Happen

Elk could be reintroduced to Maryland » Local News » Cumberland Times-News

I just read this interesting article regarding reintroducing Rocky Mountain Elk back into Maryland. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation gave the state of Maryland $125,000 to complete a study on the feasibility of returning these majestic animals to the eastern state.  Another great example of sportsman's dollars helping wildlife.

I know the state of Pennsylvania has certainly benefited from returning Elk to the wild and I am sure it would benefit Md as well, both for the sportsman and economically for the state. It may take some time, but hopefully the Elk get there.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Shooting my Parker Buck Buster 175

Bow Bash Dreams Become Reality

Thank you to everyone who came out to support this great charity yesterday, and thank you to all who donated and worked to get me this fantastic trailer!

I can't wait to put it to good use and get back out bow hunting!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Feral Hogs

Texas Wages War on Feral Hogs With the Latest in Weaponry -

Is it me or do you read a slant towards anti hunting from this Wall Street Journal author ?

I guess the 52 million in damage every year to Texas land owners could be solved with birth control for the feral hogs.... give me a break.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pa Scouting

I just watched this video of two really nice Pa bucks. I have to warn you it does contain some graphic language, but who could blame him after looking at these two big boys.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bow Bash

Dreams Become Reality is sponsoring a fundraiser and BOW BASH this Saturday, August 20th. I will be speaking at this event and I would like to invite all of you to please attend and show your support for this fantastic charity.

DBR  is made up of a group of quality individuals whose sole goal is assisting individuals with disabilities achieve their dreams in the outdoors.  Whether that dream is hunting, fishing or searching for wild morel mushrooms... these volunteers will do everything possible to make it happen.

I'm very honored to be associated with this group and I look forward to seeing all of you this Saturday! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wild Hogs

Wildlife: The ecological case for killing all feral hogs

I would love the chance to put a crossbow bolt through a wild hog ! How about you? Anyone in Pa do any hog hunting in the South West or are they only in the North Central part?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Action TrackChair Review

Let’s review the Action TrackChair all-terrain wheelchair.  First let’s take a look at it straight from the factory, and its specifications.


<><><><> <><><><> <><><><> <><><><>
Height38 Inches
WidthModel SM: 33"
Model ST: 37", 39", 41", and 43"
Length42" / 48" w/ rear idlers
Weight350 lbs Approx.
Seat Height24 inches
Tilt angle for Chair20 degrees each way - ST Model Only
Track Size6.5″ x 90″
BatteriesTwo 12 volt Wheelchair Batteries
ControlsWheelchair Controls
Motors24 volt DC 24:1 ratio high thrust motor
Speed4-6 MPH
Turning RadiusZero
Width Between ArmrestsModel SM: 14"
Model ST: 18", 20", 22", and 24"
Ground Clearance3.5 inches
Battery Charger8 Amp
RangeVariable up to 10 Miles
Foot RestAdjustable Standard or Flip up
Accessory HoldersTwo on each side and two on back of chair
Lap BeltStandard
Warranty One year

For a paraplegic or an individual with upper body movement, this chair is perfect right from the factory in my opinion.

It is extremely well designed and capable of going over, through or around most types of terrain the average individual would like to traverse.  Unless you were purposely trying to get this wheelchair stuck, I believe you would be very pleased with its abilities.

The chair has five speeds which range from extremely slow( #1-3 in order to climb over logs etc.) to 80-100% of maximum power (#4-5) in order to cross fields or flat terrain. Once you master the control stick you can easily move about at maximum speed.  None of the speeds are extremely fast, but that is not what this wheelchair is designed for. The Manufacturer has balanced the speed controls to maximize the full potential battery life

The Action TrackChair comes with an onboard battery charger which is extremely quiet when charging the two dry cell batteries overnight.  Some wheelchair battery chargers are very noisy, thankfully this one is quiet.  The batteries were fully charged and ready to roll after 12 hours.

This chair operates flawlessly in the outdoors.  It is surprisingly quiet while moving over leaves, grass, mud etc.  It would be impossible to try and stalk game, due to breaking sticks etc. but it is quite getting to the ground blind.

I live in southwestern Pennsylvania, we have a variety of hunting land.  I can honestly say I can now go almost anywhere I choose to hunt thanks to the Action TrackChair.  It crosses small streams, goes through mud, high weeds, gravel or loose stones without spinning a track.

When I became paralyzed from the chest down in 1999, I thought I would never be able to go bow hunting again.  I gave away all of my hunting equipment and gave up the idea of enjoying the outdoors that I love so much.

It took me many years to get strong enough to want to experience hunting again.  Then the challenge became getting the right equipment to enable me to hunt as independently as possible. 

Groups such as Dreams Become Reality. Wild and companies like Be provide the resources and volunteers necessary to help individuals with disabilities get back to the outdoors. 

Having the right equipment gets me into the ground blind where I have the opportunity to harvest a mature whitetail buck or old Tom turkey.  Good luck to all of you disabled hunters, don’t let what you can’t do influence what you can.

Action TrackChair Customized

My Action TrackChair is now ready for bow season, after we made a few customizations. Being a high-level quadriplegic I thought it was necessary to make a few changes that would enable me to hunt for long hours.

The first thing we did was install a four-point harness because I have no  trunk control.  These will easily slip over my shoulders and connect at the chest securing me into the chair.  Then a "T" handle joystick controller.

The second thing we did was remove the standard seat cushion and install the base plate for my be adaptive hunting rig.

Next we put on a much better pressure relief seating system.   The Roho Quatro seat cushion, this is the seat cushion that I use every day in my standard chair .  

And finally we installed the adapted hunting rig from Be Adaptive, now the only thing missing is getting this fantastic wheelchair into my hunting spot .  I am so ready for Bullwinkle !

Friday, August 12, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interesting fact about Deer

Did you know that generally whitetailed deer need to consume about 3% of their body weight each day in food?

So if the average buck is between 125 to 250 pounds, they have to consume between 4000 and 6000 calories per day.

That translates to about 4 to 10 pounds of food per day. No wonder they are destroying shrubbery and gardens throughout the neighborhoods!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Finding Sheds

Teach Your Dog To Find Sheds | Field & Stream

Here is a great idea to keep in mind for next year. If I tag a buck this year, I may train Misty with the antlers to start finding sheds.

Unless he happens to be Bullwinkle, then he is going on the wall of fame.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Survival Gear / First Aid

Survival Gear: 31 Items to Keep in Your Urban First Aid Kit | Outdoor Life Survival

As you are getting your hunting gear ready for the season, don't forget your first aid kit. If you plan on going to deer camp this year put together your own kit, or update the one at camp!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Six Months Together

It's hard to believe that Misty and I have been partners for six months already. Time certainly has gone by quickly.

A partnership between an individual with a disability and a service dog is a very special relationship built on trust, interdependence, respect and love.

The bonding process takes time. Time to develop the trust necessary to be a true working team.

As I write this Misty Morning is laying beside my right wheel tucked in between the counter and my wheelchair. She could lay anywhere in this entire house, she chooses to lay beside me. I choose her, that's how it is.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pa Elk Hunting

Pennsylvania Game Commission: Elk Application Deadline Approaches

Time to get your license and get into the drawing! The first 18 draw a bull tag. Can you find room on your wall for one of these boys?