Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yeti 30 oz Tumbler

I recently received a 30 ounce Yeti Tumbler as a birthday present. It is by far the most expensive cup I have ever used. I was skeptical, why would anyone purchase a $40 cup, how much different could it be?

Let me tell you, this cup is different. Fill it with ice in the morning, add water and walk away. Come back several hours later and you still have ice. Yes, it's that good.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Tom Siple Foundation

On Friday October 2, I was hunting with The Tom Siple Foundation at Westbrook Whitetails near Indiana Pennsylvania. I had an outstanding time with this group. We began the hunt after a great breakfast in their incredible hunting lodge.

Greg and Brad

Mark and the guys from the foundation transferred me from my power wheelchair into a side-by-side for the trip to the ground blind. The ground blind was wheelchair accessible and large enough for four of us to sit comfortably.

After settling into the ground blind and setting up their 7mm adapted rifle we started the hunt. After about an hour we started to see a few deer, mostly doe. The rifle I was using was controlled by a joystick and had a camera mounted on to the scope. I could see the crosshairs on a 4" x 8" video screen. I would be using a sip and puff trigger. This set up would work for almost any individual with a variety of disabilities.

Ronnie, Greg and Mark

Almost 4 hours into the hunt we spotted a giant white buck moving toward the ground blind. He was moving with several doe almost at a trot, too quickly for me to even attempt a shot. The buck and doe stayed up on my right, I could not move the rifle that far to my right.

After several minutes we decided to move the rifle mount to the far side of the ground blind. As luck would have it after moving the rifle the buck moved to our left. We had to move the rifle and mount back to its original location. Again the buck moved and again we moved the rifle mount.

It was now or never and I settled the crosshairs on to the buck and fired using the sip and puff trigger. The buck dropped in his tracks at a little over 100 yards. I had just taken my trophy white Whitetail buck. This buck is not an albino deer. He is a white, Whitetail deer.

The buck is huge, over 300 pounds and has 17 points. He scores 160 inches and is an incredible buck. The antlers are palmated and nontypical. I have never seen another buck like this.

Greg and Beth

I would like to thank everyone from the Tom Sipple foundation and everyone at Westbrook whitetails. Having the opportunity to hunt with these great people is something I will always remember. The foundation will be mounting my trophy buck and I will be picking it up at their banquet in March. It was an incredible experience with fantastic people.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Alive and Well

The buck I shot on opening day of archery season is alive and well. My shot missed the lungs and it's definitely a nonfatal hit. I may get a second chance at this buck this season but for right now I'm just glad he was not wounded and lost.