Sunday, July 31, 2011

Freedom Hunters

Check out Freedom Hunters a great organization helping our men and women of the military return to the outdoors.

Please make a donation if you can!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Power Trigger Mechanism 12 Volt Battery

I received my power trigger mechanism from BeAdaptive Equipment on Monday afternoon. I am very impressed with the quality of this device and cannot wait to get it out on the range.

I think I will connect it to this battery from cabelas rather than connecting it directly to my wheelchair battery. This will enable me to use the device on two wheelchairs (Action TrackChair and Permobil).

The portable battery received good reviews from the cabelas site, and it was also fairly inexpensive $29. I'm really looking forward to trying this trigger device out very soon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Service Dog

I think she needs to try ducks next, they taste better than flip

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Be Adaptive Equipment, Trigger Activator

I just ordered this trigger mechanism for my rifle hunt this fall. I believe it will give me better stability and greater accuracy when using my Remington 270. I will not be using it with my crossbow, but I think it's a must for rifle/shotgun hunting. It's a great company and a pleasure doing business with Renée and Brian. What are your thoughts on adapted triggers?

TM 100 Model
Power Trigger Mechanism

Is simple to install on any weapon with a standard trigger guard. The unique design of the mechanism allows it to fire most weapons if placed anywhere inside of the trigger guard. The simplicity of the set up allows the trigger mechanism to be moved from one weapon to another easily and quickly. The TM100 fires the weapon by a very slight suction on the blue tube in the picture which is attached to the control box. The control box is attached to the stock of the weapon with a Velcro cinch strap. The mechanism operates on 12 volt DC power and comes with a pigtail that can be attached to one of the batteries in your power chair or attached to an auxiliary battery.

Antler Insanity

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mines and Meadows ATV Resort

I just found this local resort for ATV riders and believe it would be a great place to take my Action TrackChair, later this summer. I sent in an e-mail today asking if all-terrain wheelchairs are welcome there, as soon as I get a response I will let you know. 

It would be so much fun to utilize my wheelchair with friends and family as they ride ATVs !  Hopefully this all comes together and I will be on the trails very soon.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Accessible Fishing Rod


My name is Ken Dvorchak.  I am a C-4quadriplegic who suffered a spinal
cord injury after falling from an archery tree-stand while hunting 28
years ago  Because of my love for the outdoors - especially hunting
and fishing - and after becoming aware that there were no products on
the market that would allow me to fish with total independence, I
became a "Gold Medal" award winning inventor and CEO of my own company
that makes and sells my product called the Ken's Power Caster.

The Ken's Power Caster is a fully automated, push-button or sip and
puff controlled fishing machine that gives severely disabled people
the ability to cast out their line, hook,fight, retrieve and land fish
with total independence - no matter their disability or injury level.
It can be seen in action at   

But the real reason I'm writing is because my product has been
nominated for the 2011 da Vince Awards.  The da Vince Awards is a
worldwide contest - sponsered by the MS Society of Michigan - that
gathers and  shows the newest and latest in Assistive Technology,
Assistive Products and devices from around the world in 5 different
1.Communication/Educational Aids
2.Environmental Adaptation/Daily Living or Work Aids
4.Transportation and Mobility
5.Recreation and Leisure

I'm not sure if you are aware of the event, but I thought you might
want to check it out...or even mention it to your readers of the news
letter.  The products are displayed in video form on the da Vince
channel on at this link...

I believe Product judging starts in August...and the finalists in each
category will be judged for 2 weeks by viewers votes - likes/favorites
- starting on September 1st.

For more accurate info about the da Vince awards and the show, you can
get all the details at

Just thought you might like to know and share it with your members.
PS  A vote in September for my Ken's Power Caster would be greatly appriciated!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Pa Hunting and Trapping Regulation's

Now is the time to check out the hunting regulations and start getting ready for archery season 2011.

I want to shoot my crossbow a lot more this year.  I am using my new brace and new Action TrackChair ( wheelchair ) and want to be ready for Bullwinkle.

Hows your planning going?  Any advice, something you do every year to ensure a successful season?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

United Kennel Club, Pa Youth Championships

United Kennel Club: PA State Youth Championship Results

Congratulations to all those who participated! It looks like the event was well attended and it's nice to see the younger generation off the couch and handling such beautiful animals.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Field Shoot

47 Papp Road
Canonsburg, PA 15317
Club Phone: (724) 746-2880


SUNDAY, JULY 17, 2011

14 Field/14 Hunter



Registration - 9:00 a.m.

Advance Registration Not Required – Just Show Up and Shoot

Shooting Time - 10:00 a.m.

Registration Fee

$10.00 for Adults

$5.00 for Youth (17 & Under)

Directions To Shoot And Other Information On Falcon Archer’s Website:


Contact Greg at (724) 344-6099 or Darrell at (412) 997-0166

Snacks and Refreshments will be available at the shoot.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I could not wait to get up this morning and get into my new wheelchair.    We attached a four-point harness to the frame with no drilling, this is  required to keep me positioned. As a person with quadriplegia I do not have trunk control, so this adaptation is necessary. We also attached a '' T '' handle controller because I have no finger movement. 

The next step is to remove the seat cushion and replace it with my roho quatro cushion.  That will have to wait a few days.     I took the chair for a urban excursion , over six-inch curbs, up and down gravel driveways with out spinning a wheel.  When I had it on the streets five people stopped me and asked about this incredible machine. 

Stay tuned for some videos this week!  Happy Fourth of July everyone! 

The Action TrackChair is Here

Last night Doug delivered my brand-new Action TrackChair ! I think it is a phenomenal product for individuals with disabilities who rely on power chairs for mobility.

I can't wait to take this thing out into the woods for a few hours. Right now it's in my bedroom .... don't think I didn't stare at it all night, lol.