Friday, November 30, 2012

No Shave November

Well the no shaving in November paid off big yesterday with Rocky Boots .  They had a random contest and ten winners scored free thermals.  I was one of the lucky ten and my thermal underware is on it's way.  Thanks Rocky !

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Deer Camp List (basic)


Action Trackchair







 Disposable Chemical Heaters

 Firearm or Crossbow

 First Aid Kit


Gerber Multi tool


 Ground Blinds

 Gun Rest


 Map of Hunting Area

Mr. Heater/Propane

 Optics Cleaners

 Pack / BOB


 Safety Vest (Required)

 Scent Free Containers for Clothing

 Scent Reduction Clothing Wash

 Scents (Cover and Attractant)

 Trail Tape


Wheelchair battery charger

 *Grunt Tube

*Fawn Bleat Can


Clothing (Scent Reduction):

 Camo Baseball and Stocking Hat

Camo Fleece

 Camo T Shirts

 Camo Balaclava

 Camoflage Cargo Pants

Down vest

 Insulate Socks

 Insulated Boots / boot blankets

 Insulated Camo Jacket

 Insulated mittens

 Insulated pants

 After the Shot:

 Gutting Gloves (Wrist and Shoulder Length)

Box of large Plastic Bags

 Zip ties for License

 Deer Drag

 Good Luck everyone




Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pa Hunters Sharing the Harvest

If you can, please consider donating your deer or a portion of your deer to Hunters Sharing the Harvest .  It's a great program that fights hunger throughout the commonwealth.  No one should go hungry in America.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Pa Firearms Deer Season 2012

SEASON OPENER: Pa firearms deer season opens statewide on Monday November 26, 2012  Read the hunting regulations Here.  Wildlife Management Units (WMU) map is on page's 40-43

Antlered Only in WMUs 2A, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2F, 2G, 3B, 3C, 4B, 4D and 4E thru Nov.30

Antlered and antlerless in WMUs 1A, 1B, 2B, 3A, 3D, 4A, 4C, 5A, 5B, 5C and 5D thru Dec.8

Good luck everyone, be safe and shoot straight.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Enjoy your day and remember those who are still in harms way, protecting our freedoms.


HARRISBURG - Three days of the statewide four-day bear season have produced a preliminary harvest of 2,442 bears, according to Pennsylvania Game Commission check station reports filed this morning.

Last year’s three-day bear harvest total was 3,023; in 2010, which offered a three-day season with a Saturday opener, the harvest total was 2,815.

The preliminary three-day bear harvest by Wildlife Management Unit was as follows: WMU 1A, 3; WMU 1B, 28; WMU 2C, 208; WMU 2D, 133; WMU 2E, 33; WMU 2F, 260; WMU 2G, 696; WMU 3A, 151; WMU 3B, 167; WMU 3C, 56; WMU 3D, 173; WMU 4A, 119; WMU 4B, 73; WMU 4C, 82; WMU 4D, 223; WMU 4E, 35; WMU 5A, 1; and WMU 5C, 1.

The top 10 bears processed at check stations, so far, all had estimated live weights that exceeded 548 pounds. James R. Weisbrod, of Quakertown, has harvested the largest bear so far this season. Taken Nov. 20 in Greene Township, Pike County, the male bear an estimated live weight of 706 pounds.
Other large bears (all but one, are estimated live weights) included: a 699-pound male taken by William M. Rising, of Indiana, in Hamlin Township, McKean County, on Nov. 19;
a 652-pound (actual live weight) male taken by Timothy J. Moffett, of Barto, in Middle Smithfield Township, Monroe County, on Nov. 17; a 620-pound male, taken by Robert A. Pitts, of Meadville, in Roulette Township, Potter County, on Nov. 17; a 598-pound male, taken by Michael P. Intallura, of Renovo, in Noyes Township, Clinton County, on Nov. 17; 586-pound male, taken by Brian K. Stuebgen, of Renfrew, in Sergeant Township, McKean County, on Nov. 19; a 576-pound male, taken by Dana L. Landis, of Chambersburg, in Southampton Township, Bedford County, on Nov. 19; a 562-pound male taken by Bryan L. Leabhart, of Dudley, in Carbon Township, Huntingdon County, on Nov. 19; a 559-pound male, taken by Clayton L. Dulaney, of Towanda, in Auburn Township, Susquehanna County, on Nov. 17; and a 557-pound male taken by Barry Zimmerman, of Loysville, in South West Madison Township, Perry County, on Nov. 20.

After three days of the four-day season, the top bear harvest county in the state remained Lycoming with 239. The rest of the line-up of the top five counties for bear harvests, so far, are: Clinton, 217; Tioga, 136; Potter 103; and Centre, 94.

County harvests by region for the first three days are:
Northwest: Warren, 84; Clarion, 65; Forest, 50; Jefferson, 48; Venango, 48; Butler, 8; Erie, 6; and Crawford, 5.
Southwest: Somerset, 75; Fayette, 64; Armstrong, 30; Westmoreland, 25; Indiana, 15; and Cambria, 10.
Northcentral: Lycoming, 239; Clinton, 217; Tioga, 136; Potter 103; Centre, 94; McKean, 86; Clearfield, 80; Elk, 70; Union, 59; and Cameron, 58.
Southcentral: Huntingdon, 85; Bedford, 69; Mifflin, 42; Blair, 33; Perry, 29; Juniata, 25; Fulton, 20; Franklin, 14; Snyder, 7; and Adams, 1.
Northeast: Pike, 66; Monroe, 57; Luzerne, 53; Wayne, 39; Bradford, 36; Sullivan, 33; Carbon, 29; Wyoming, 21; Lackawanna, 20; Columbia, 19; Susquehanna, 17; and Northumberland, 8.
Southeast: Dauphin, 24; Schuylkill, 15; Berks, 2; Northampton, 2; and Lehigh, 1.

Hunters with an unfilled bear license may participate in extended bear seasons that run concurrent with all or portions of the first week of the firearms deer season. For those deer hunters who didn’t purchase a bear license, but are headed to an area where the extended bear season is being held, they may purchase a bear license from Nov. 22 through Nov. 25.
For details about those areas open to extended bear hunting and the dates, please see pages 36 and 37 of the 2012-13 Digest. Bear check stations opened during the extended bear seasons can be found on page 38 of the 2012-13 Digest.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Illinois Hunt, How it Happened

Last year Ryan from LED Outdoors and I were hunting in Allegheny County Pennsylvania together when he asked me if I would like to go hunting on his lease at no charge in Illinois. I jumped at the chance and started planning right away for a fantastic archery hunt.

We would hunt together with members of his family and friends during the rut in some of the best Whitetail country Illinois has to offer. The temperatures would range from 24° to 70° so I needed to be prepared for all types of weather.

Two ground blinds were set up by Chase and Jake weeks before and I took an additional blind with me just in case we needed a third option. Chase and Jake are local guides and I just can't say enough about both of them. They could not do anything more to make my hunt successful, enjoyable and comfortable.

The guys in camp (Mike, Boo, Chuck, Sean, Joe, Bob, Brett and Steve) were all dedicated, passionate sportsman and fanatical archers. These guys were so much fun to be around and also so interesting to talk to about hunting. Everyone had an opinion on broadheads, bows, sent spray etc. and they were not afraid to tell you "you were using the wrong".

The land we hunted on was absolutely beautiful. I was hunting on 350 acres where I seen, squirrels, fox, turkey, coyote and of course monster buck.

I hunted hard all week and on the last day of my hunt, I got the opportunity I had traveled so far to take. A very large nontypical Whitetail buck was coming to the doe decoy, approaching her from behind and downwind exactly as Mike predicted.

As the buck got closer he noticed my ground blind and would look at the decoy, then my blind, take a few steps forward and look at me again. When he got to 42 yards he turned to face me offering a quarter to shot on his front left shoulder. He looked like he was going to leave the area and the doe decoy, so I did my best maneuvering my brace for the shot.

I whispered to Beth to raise my brace a little higher and move it to the left a little more. With her help I was able to get into position and take the shot. We both herd my crossbow bolt hit the buck in his shoulder.

I was so excited, breathing like I just ran the New York City Marathon. I had to take a few minutes and then text Ryan and the boys. Beth and I waited in the blind another 45 minutes before she went out to look for my bolt and blood.

Just then the Calvary had arrived, Ryan, Mike and Chase quickly found the blood trail but no bolt. The trail was bright red blood and they started the tracking process.  Jake came a few minutes later and stayed with us.

After going a long way it was determined that the buck never layed down so we wanted to give him a few hours. Hopefully I managed to catch one lung and giving the buck time, he would expire.

Later in the afternoon the guys went back out and tracked my buck until dark. At that point we determined that it was a nonfatal wound after a very long arduous track. These guys were the best trackers I had ever seen.  The next day was opening day of shotgun season and I was leaving for Pennsylvania. We had to call off the search.

Everything that could possibly be done to recover my buck was. It was not my best shot in the world but it will be one I think about for years to come. It's always the ones that get away that we think about in the middle of the night, right? Not the ones hanging on our walls.

Hopefully this will not be a my last Illinois archery hunt. The boys invited me back out again next year and we are already planning a different ground blind scenario. If everything works out with travel, my health etc. I plan on being there next November. Hunting is my passion and I could not ask for better people to pursue giant Whitetail Buck with than LED Outdoors and the Pittsburgh huntng crew.



Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bushnell Back Track GPS D Tour

The Bushnell Back Track GPS D-Tour is one of the best and easiest GPS devices I have ever used.  I bought this unit last year for my Missouri rifle hunt and it came in handy.  I changed the batteries and put it into my back pack last night for the Illinois trip.

When I am hunting a new lease I like to store a few way points like my van, ground blind, lodge etc.  Then I can use the satellite feature on my laptop to view the area.  It definitely helps in the scouting of new areas.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Rage Introduces Shock Collar Confidence to O-Ring Broadheads : The Outdoor Wire

Rage Introduces Shock Collar Confidence to O-Ring Broadheads : The Outdoor Wire

I am glad Rage decided to fix the issue of the blades popping open prematurely.  I wish they didn't charge an additional $7.99 for the fix...

Just taking the broadheads out of the quiver can pop them open, it's always something I have to check when my crossbow is loaded for me.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mittens, Balaclava and BMF

I plan on taking my mittens and balaclava along to Illinois to keep me warm.  I have a few strategies for dealing with the colder temperatures and still maintaining enough movement to shoot.

The great thing about using the BMF trigger activator is I can still shoot wearing my mittens.  I use my wrist to pull the crank so no need to remove my mittens, just pull it back....

Friday, November 2, 2012

Boot Blankets and Mr Heater

With the temperatures in the 20's these boot blankets will be a must have in the ground blind for my Illinois archery hunt.  I also plan on taking a propane heater with me for the first time, Mr. Heater .  Because I can't feel from the chest down I need to be extra careful hunting in low temperatures.

I hope to balance staying warm and being scent free.... It could be a long week in cold temperatures so I want to be prepared.  Look for more cold weather gear post coming up...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sony Handycam CX-190

I am hoping to get some  great video of my archery hunt in Illinois this month using this sony handycam.  I treasure every outdoor experience and try to never take any hunting opportunity for granted.

L.E.D. Outdoors has some amazing whitetail bucks on their lease and I have been looking forward to this hunt for a year.  Having a nice camera like this will let me capture my experience and put together a hunting video.  I can then watch my hunt over and over during the long off season.