Friday, February 13, 2015

Spring Turkey, Crossbow or Shotgun ?

I have been trying to decide what weapon to use for spring turkey season this year. I love to shoot my Tenpoint crossbow and feel confident shooting it out to 50 yards. I have taken turkeys prior to my injury using a compound bow. But I have never harvested a bird using my crossbow.

That being said, I have not taken a turkey since my injury and using a shotgun would provide more opportunities. I made the decision to use my shotgun. Using my Stoeger semi automatic shotgun will allow me to have multiple shots if necessary.

The current temperature is only 7°F outside, so I don't have the opportunity to sight in my shotgun today. Hopefully in the next few weeks the temperature will warm up and allow me to get some shooting time at the range.

This practice will also come in handy for next month's Ham and Bacon Shoot sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors.

I like to sight in my shotgun at 40 yards.  What distance do you prefer?

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