Saturday, February 28, 2015

Gear Check

Winter can be a difficult time for sportsman especially if you use a power wheelchair. I like to use this time to go over my equipment and do a quick gear inventory. This allows me to replace worn-out or used gear and be ready for the upcoming Spring turkey season.

When it's 12° outside there's not much else a sportsman can do but prepare for better days ahead. This  includes practicing with my turkey calls. I like to use the box call, diaphragm call and the pushrod turkey call. Without much dexterity I have to rely on others to do most of the calling, but it's still fun to try.

Hopefully we will get a break in the weather and I can get some shooting in sometime soon. I really want to shoot my shotgun next weekend if possible. The snow needs to melt off of the lane in order for me to get to the shooting range.

Fairbank Rod and gun club will be sponsoring a ham and bacon shoot on March 21 at their club.  The western Pennsylvania wounded warrior group will  have their first shoot on Sunday, March 22 at California hill gun club. Details regarding the shoot's can be found here

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