Monday, February 2, 2015

Shed Hunting

I know today is Groundhog Day, and Phil just predicted Six more weeks of winter.  But I am thinking about shed hunting.  It's almost time to start looking for sheds here in Pa. I like to start looking around mid Feb. and early March.  The timing  is always based on if the weather warms up or not.

Some whitetail have already lost their racks here, others have not but soon will. Spring turkey season is another great time to look for sheds while out scouting. Being in the woods in April and May is always a great time. Shed hunting is a good opportunity to get the whole family involved in the hunt. It also provides a chance to get a little exercise and fresh air. I think it's a perfect way to beat cabin fever.

If you are looking for fantastic world-class sheds or rattling horns and have never found a pair.  You can purchase them from my friends at Conquest Hunting Scents . I had the pleasure to meet and hunt with Karen and Talon this year in Texas and they are outstanding individuals.  If you have ever seen there show Conquest 200, you know the quality of their deer herd.

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