Thursday, October 9, 2014

Stoeger M3000

This is my new Stoeger shotgun, it is a semi automatic 12 gauge. I have not had the opportunity to shoot it yet but I'm looking forward to getting it set up and taking it to the range soon. This shotgun received great reviews and comes with three chokes including a turkey choke.

I had so much fun shooting pheasants and clay pigeons this year I thought getting a semi automatic shotgun would make things easier next year. Loading a pump shotgun in my adapted brace was difficult and I believe this semi auto will allow me to take a follow-up shot if necessary.

I have the same scope on my Mossberg and it works out really well. I plan on mounting the scope on the new Stoeger and getting it patterned while the weather is still nice.  Having a scope on my shotgun really improves my accuracy. I can't wait to take this shotgun to the next ham and bacon shoot sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania wounded  warrior group.

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