Tuesday, October 28, 2014

8 Point Buck 10/27/14

Last night I went hunting again with my friends from Whitetail Disabled Hunting and Associates. I shot this great 8 point buck with my Tenpont Maverick crossbow at 25 yards.

It was a great evening hunt, the weather was warm and hardly any wind. The landowner was so nice to talk with as we were getting ready to go.  She wished me good luck on the way in, and I needed all the luck I could get.  Glen and Rich set Beth and I up under an apple tree for the evening hunt, the set up was perfect for my wheelchair. 

I can't thank Glen and Rich enough for all their hard work and the great work their group does every year.  They sure put me on a great buck.  When we were finished hunting and my buck was recovered the landowner and her husband brought out champagne to celebrate!  Their children (6, 8 and 10) came out to see the buck and congratulate me.  It was a Fantastic night with friends enjoying archery season at it's best.

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  1. Greg, You are a true inspiration to all! Congratulations on a great buck!