Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mature Doe at 12 Yards

Last night I was hunting with some friends from Whitetail Disabled Hunting and Associates and managed to take a very nice mature Doe.  We hunted a few spots using the ground blind first. They pushed several deer my way including a nice six point but I was unable to get a shot at him.

The next set up I just blended into my natural environment and had a few doe go bye.  I also had a few turkeys walk right in front of me at 18 yards.  The guys worked really hard getting my everyday wheelchair in and out of the woods, up some very steep hills.  It was not easy by any means.

The last set up proved to be the best and I shot this nice doe at 12 yards, dropping her in her tracks.  It was a great hunt with great people using my crossbow.  I am really impressed with my Magnus Broadheads, they are two for two with no tracking necessary on doe's this season.

Thanks Beth, Glen, Rich, Mark and Marty for getting me out and onto deer. I had a great night and will remember this hunt for a long time!  All of our hard work paid off and my freezer will be full of delicious venison.

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