Monday, October 6, 2014

1st Day of Buck Season 2014

I was hunting on Saturday at my friend Ryan's place.  The last several years he has put on a hunt for individuals with disabilities on the first day of buck season (archery). This hunt is always fantastic and I look forward to seeing him and all the guys from Whitetail management Associates of greater Pittsburgh.

This year they custom made several ground blinds that are wheelchair accessible. They are so nice, the pictures do not do them justice. The doorway is large enough to accommodate my action track chair which most ground blinds are unable to do.

All of the windows are removable from the inside and the blind is insulated.  It also has a completely level wooden floor. I felt like I was hunting from someone's living room, overlooking a food plot.  If Ryan put's in satellite TV next year I am moving in permanently.

I was entertained by turkeys from 6 AM until 10 AM sometimes as close as 20 yards. If the birds were in season I could have easily taken one of the four gobblers that walked around my ground blind for a total of four hours.

Every year this hunt gets better and better. This year Bob was able to take his first Whitetail deer ever. Mike who usually takes at least two deer missed one this year. I had an opportunity to take a small doe in the evening at 15 yards but opted to pass. I seen a total of 12 deer in the evening (two really nice bucks) but did not have an ethical shot.

This gobbler and his buddies were at 20 yards numerous times I love watching them and hearing them. Seeing turkeys up close is fantastic.  The hens gave me a great lesson in calling that I hope to use next month.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this hunt! I look forward to this every year and really appreciate all of your hard work and giving up your first day of buck season so that I can have an opportunity to get out and hunt.

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  1. Greg,
    You are and the other hunters that participate are an inspiration to all of us. It is an honor to be able to host such a hunt and I look forward to doing it for years to come.
    I want to thank all the volunteers that dedicated their time for helping to construct the blinds and make Saturday such a success.