Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 - D Follow up Post

I should mention that I think shooting at 3-D targets is a great deal of fun and very realistic.  It also provides an opportunity to learn to estimate accurate yardage and proper shot placement on the animal you are hunting.

Unfortunately, I rarely shoot at 3-D targets using my crossbow because of arrow penetration.  My Parker Buck Buster 175 will sink a crossbow bolt (arrow) 8 or 9 inches into the 3-D target.  This makes it extremely difficult to pull the arrow out.

Whoever is assisting me with shooting that day has a really difficult time pulling out the bolt and re-cocking my crossbow.  It really becomes a lot of work.

I enjoy using a target bag like this one, it lets my assistant easily pull the bolt from the target.  How about you?  What types of targets do you enjoy shooting at?

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