Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Broadheads and Long Shots

I was on Field & Stream Magazine's message board this morning when I ran across this question asking about what type of Broadhead would provide accuracy out to 100 yards?

The person lived out west and stated he has heard of guys taking shots at 100 yards... To me that is extremely irresponsible and increases the odds of wounding an animal.  Ethically I would never take a 100 yard shot at an animal with my crossbow.

I shoot mechanical broadheads ( Rage two blade 100 grain ) at the archery range and consistently group shots out to 50 yards.  I never shoot beyond that distance at targets, and would never think of shooting a deer at that distance, let alone 100 yards.

I pass on a lot of deer because they are too far away or I am unable to get the best shot.  I think we owe it to the animals we pursue as responsible hunters.  It's just my opinion, but the 100 yard archery shot is the type of publicity hunters and archers can live without.

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