Sunday, November 21, 2010

Shotgun and Rifle Season

Here in Pennsylvania, shotgun and rifle season for deer always opens the Monday after Thanksgiving. All the schools are closed and it's the day some hunters wait all year for.  I say some hunters because at my core I am a bow Hunter.....

I did have the opportunity to hunt with a shotgun this year in Allegheny County. It was a doe only hunt October 21 -- 23,  South Fayette Township sponsored a disabled hunt  which was very well organized and thought out.

I used a Mossberg 535 ATS 12 gauge shotgun with rifled barrel for this hunt.  The shotgun also comes with an additional barrel and choke tubes for hunting Turkey, Ducks etc..

The great thing about the shotgun is, it still uses two and three-quarter inch shells.  They do not produce as much recoil as a 3 inch or 3 1/2 inch magnum shell.  Since I am unable to physically hold the shotgun, recoil is a big concern. 

Prior to my injury I shot all forms of rifle including the 300 Winchester Magnum.  I would not attempt to do something like that now from my wheelchair.  The largest caliber I personally shoot is a 270 Remington and even that pushes the limit. 

If I was recommending a rifle to shoot from a wheelchair it would be the 243 Winchester .  The 243 shoots flat and has enough power to knock down the Pennsylvania Whitetail.  What are your thoughts and suggestions?

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