Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cold-Weather Hunting

One of the difficult things about enjoying the outdoors and being a person with a disability is, I cannot regulate my body temperature.  This goes for heat as well as cold.

When the cold weather comes and I still want to do some hunting I take a few precautions.   In addition to a heavy jacket and balaclava I try to be sensible about my lower extremities. 

Because I cannot feel from the chest down I cannot tell how cold my legs and feet become. So I usually put a blanket on my legs and wear boot blankets over my normal tennis shoes.

 I know my tennis shoes are not going to bother my feet, causing a blister or sore to develop.  The boot blanket's slip on easily overtop, camouflaging my white sneakers not to mention adding a little style to my roll.

When the cold weather sets in, what do you like to wear?

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