Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crossbows, Bolts and Broadheads

If you talk with five different people and ask them.... what's their favorite crossbow?   You will certainly get five different answers.  I'm curious to hear yours, but here is my favorite crossbow.

The Parker Buck Buster 175 is an unbelievable crossbow, costing hundreds of dollars less then comparable models.  It carries a lifetime warranty and sends bolts downrange at 330 fps.  I shoot very tight groups with this Parker out to 50 yards.

I shoot 20 inch carbon Hunter Crossbow Arrows which fly straight every time.  They are also durable during the practice season in the summers.  I may get a few refletched this spring with some fluorescent orange fletching in order to make them easier to find after the shot.

I practice with 100 grain field points all summer long and then switch to the Two Blade 100 grain Rage Broadheads for deer hunting in September.

This is my favorite set up, I'm interested in hearing yours.......

My brother uses the same type of crossbow ect. and look at his results this year.

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  1. I agree with you that Parker Buck Buster 175 crossbow is best and it's also my favorite crossbow and picture which are shared by you are very impressive.