Friday, November 19, 2010

Hunting Backpack For Wheelchair Users

Before I get into the specifics of a hunting day pack and its contents, I would like to talk about quickly and easily attaching the backpack to the wheelchair.  On my current Permobil C-500 wheelchair I have Backpack Clips installed.

On each backpack strap, I attach one heavy-duty plastic wire tie that easily clips into the carabiner.  With this system I can easily switch my hunting backpack with my regular everyday backpack. 

If need be, an individual can quickly unclip the backpack from my wheelchair and set it on my desktop so that I can direct them to retrieve an object. This is very helpful when relying on others for assistance.

I use a small camouflaged Remington day pack for all my hunting gear.  It does not have to be camouflage as I'm always hunting in a ground blind, but that's just how I roll.  Here is a picture of it.

It's important to organize your day pack and know exactly where everything is, so that you can direct your hunting partner / assistant when you need something. 

I recommend using different colored zipper pulls so that you can say for example " it's on the left side with the blue zipper pull ".  It just makes life so much easier, but that may be the OCD in me .

Here is a basic list of what I carry when crossbow hunting:

Black diamond headlamp
Buck 110 knife
Crossbow cocking rope
Doe bleat
Doe decoy
Drag rope
Extra wire ties
Hunting license/tags
Laser range finder
Rubber gloves/washcloth
Sidewinder cocking crank
I hope this information helps you, everyone has their own needs and way of organizing their backpack.  These are just my suggestions, I would love to hear yours.

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