Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ground Blinds

Since hunting from a tree stand is no longer an option, I had to find a good ground blind that would accommodate my power wheelchair.  I have three and each has its attributes and issues.

1. Primos Double Bull Blind

In my opinion this is one of the best blinds to hunt from in a power wheelchair.  It's big enough for my wheelchair and an additional Hunter to sit comfortably.  I can position my wheelchair on the back wall, and  my crossbow does not stick out the front window.  The black interior allows me to disappear inside the blind. 

The only problem with this blind is it's very difficult for one person to set up.  The Hubs are tight and it requires a great deal of strength to push out the walls and roof. People tell me this will eventually loosen up, but right now it's a problem. 

If you have the opportunity to set the blind up once and leave it all season, this will not be an issue. This is also the most expensive of the three blinds.

2. Ameristep Doghouse

This blind is a little smaller than the Primos Double Bull, but it does accommodate my power wheelchair and another hunter.  It is one of the easiest ground blinds to set up, in fact it practically sets itself up.  All you basically do is remove it from the bag and the steel supports spring open. 

Even sitting with my wheelchair against the back wall, my crossbow is still very close to the open window.  It does not provide the complete interior camouflage as the double bull blind, even though the inside is also black. 

Practice setting up and taking down this blind, watch the video, otherwise you will have difficulty getting it back into the bag.  Once you understand it, it's very easy.

3. Ameristep Outhouse

The outhouse is the smallest of the blinds and definitely a one-person hunting set up.  My crossbow completely sticks out the front window and I have been busted by a few does that refused to walk in front of the blind.  As with the doghouse it sets up in seconds, takedown is a little confusing if you're not used to it.

I guess the old adage, you get what you pay for is true with ground blinds.  I hope this information helps you in your selection.  If you have other ideas please let me know!  Good luck on your hunting season.

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