Sunday, November 27, 2011

Missouri Deer Hunt... Part Three, the Final

It was Thursday morning November 17, 2011 at 4:15 AM when Chris and Jim knocked on my motel room door to start the second day of my Missouri deer hunt.  The temperature outside was 19° but thankfully the winds were not as strong as Wednesday morning.

We  decided to hunt in a different location on the second day.  Our plan was to hunt overlooking a creek bottom until around 10 AM then we would move to another location.   So I would hunt from my permobil wheelchair  sitting on the trailer.   Chris secured my wheelchair and towed me through the property using his four wheeler. 

That way, I would not have to transfer into my action trackchair, then transfer back into my permobil for the afternoon drive.    Besides, having the permobil securely tied down with cargo straps is a safe and easy way to get through the woods.

Chris and I settled on the crest of a hill overlooking the creek bottom where his son Matt took a beautiful buck the previous week from a tree stand.  Turkeys were roosted on both sides of us and it was beautiful to hear them clucking and purring as we waited for the sun to come up.  

It wasn't long before we seen a half rack buck making its way along the creek bottom.    Like the day before, I was unable to get it into my scope because of my limited mobility.    But I was not discouraged, I simply stayed vigilant for the next opportunity. 

That opportunity came approximately 30 minutes later  when a beautiful buck and Doe appeared 120 yards out from our position.  I was able to settle my crosshairs on his front shoulder and activated my trigger .    My rifle went off, but I missed him.  As I tried for a follow-up shot my rifle would not go off .  The bolt did not shut all the way, which was a problem when I was sighting it in for this trip. 

Chris quickly tried to clear the action but by then the buck had enough of my mistakes and took off following the Doe.   This was the second monster buck I had missed in two days.  I was pretty depressed by my actions and the problems with my equipment .   But Chris told me to hang in there, I would get another chance. 

He was right, it wasn't long before another buck presented a shot 115 yards away.  This buck was a large bodied deer but had a busted rack.   I settled the crosshairs on this one and actually made a good shot.  We knew we had my buck, and gave him a few minutes to expire. 

Chris congratulated me and I told him how thankful I was for this opportunity .  To be out hunting again is such a pleasure in itself, but to take a Missouri buck was really incredible.   We called Jim who quickly came over and we all went down to retrieve my trophy . 

It may not be the next  Missouri state record, but believe me, it's a real trophy I will never forget.   Thank you everyone from Dreams Become Reality for making this possible !  I will never forget my time in Missouri with good friends  and the opportunity to go hunting again. 

We Contacted the Department of Natural Resources and reported my 5 point buck.   We also inquired about donating the meat to a local food bank.   As it happened, we were able to donate the buck that evening at the local Wal-Mart by making a $10 donation.  So many individuals were part my successful hunt that I wanted to help others as well. 

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