Monday, November 14, 2011

Illinois State Record Poached

DNR: Potential Illinois State Record Buck Was Poached | Outdoor Life

Poachers are stealing from you and I. It really is a crime that affects all sportsmen. If you suspect poaching in Pennsylvania, here is what to do

The Pennsylvania Game Commission has established a "Turn-In-a-Poacher" program to strengthen the Commonwealth's efforts to apprehend people who are suspected of killing threatened or endangered species or big game animals, and a witness report is instrumental in securing a successful conviction.

You can get involved by either calling a toll-free-telephone number - 1-888-PGC-8001 - or filling out a "TIP" Reporting Form.

The TIP program was authorized by the General Assembly as part of a legislative package to deter crimes against wildlife. The act authorizes the Game Commission to increase by $500, fines against individuals convicted of killing threatened or endangered species or unlawfully taking big game animals.

That money is then placed in a special fund from which $250 will be used to pay the individual providing the "tip," as long as the district justice imposes the additional $500 fine. The additional fine money will be used to maintain the TIP Hotline.

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