Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Boot follow-Up

If you remember I purchased new boots last week and wanted to do a follow-up review.

I started off wearing the boots for one hour, then I had my feet  inspected for any redness, blisters etc.

My feet looked no worse for wear, so I increased the time to a few hours.  We did see some redness on my ankle, but it should be fine.   

Looking at the temperatures in Missouri I will need good boots. The temperatures range from the low 30s to a high of mid-50s so the insulated boots should protect my feet from the cold rather well.

I'm also taking along insulated boot covers just in case the temperatures drop drastically. Footwear has to be taken seriously when dealing with paralysis or diabetes. A sore can quickly develop and turn serious in a few hours, ending a once in a lifetime hunt.

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