Friday, November 4, 2011

Miss November

Two nights ago I was out hunting and seen two beautiful six-point Bucks.  They were checking a scrape line  and passed 30 yards to my left without realizing I was even there.

So last night I had the idea to use a deer decoy ( Miss November ) and also put out some deer in heat lure.  To persuade the six points to walk in front of me  or possibly the large eight point I had seen previously.

At 5:50 PM a mature Doe and two yearlings came over the hill again to my left , at 50 yards .   They took one look at  Miss November and stopped in their tracks.    They wanted absolutely nothing to do with this decoy and walked behind me.

I'm not sure if the decoy would have the same effect on Bucks, but I'm not going to use it again just in case.   What are your experiences with using deer decoys ?  Do Bucks react better than Doe? 

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  1. Thanks for the great story.....It is a well known fact that DOES will bust on a decoy....But a buck....will generally investigate and maybe even attack the decoy....I generally set my decoy up as a spike or forkhorn buck , this will bring the big boy running in to kick the little boys a$$. Does and decoys do not mix....but get some bucks to see it....and its a date !!