Thursday, October 6, 2011

That's Why They Call It Hunting

Last night I was hunting a suburban area that I know really well from last year. Being part of a deer management unit is a real privilege and makes it very easy for me to gain access to small hunting tracts close to my house, that are wheelchair accessible.

I arrived in plenty of time with my brother John and quickly set up my Elusion Mobi-Blind and put on my headnet. It was a beautiful October evening and a great way to spend my birthday. I was excited about the possibility of taking a mature doe.

The deer usually move about 6:45 PM along the wood line. The last time I hunted here I was a little out of position, so I decided to move about 60 yards down and to the right. Creating what I thought to be the perfect ambush.

Well at 6:45 PM the deer did arrive, but this time to my left and above me, trying to cross behind me. In all of my hunting experience on this particular tract of land the deer have never approached like this.

I sat there and watched eight deer approach and there was nothing I could do to get a shot. I guess the deer did not read my game plan.

That's why they call it hunting, for sure. It was still a great birthday and I had a fantastic evening watching deer with a crossbow cocked and ready.

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