Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sighting In My .270

Yesterday I was sighting In my Remington semi automatic (model 750) .270 with the Western Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors . First I would like to thank Jeff, Hayes, and Gus for helping me. These guys even came to my house and picked me up, drove me to the shooting range and took care of everything.

This is a brand-new out-of-the-box Remington rifle. Shooting it with a Sip n Puff trigger activator from Be Adaptive . The trigger activator worked great, after we installed it onto the rifle. 

Now here is where the complaining starts.  The same cannot be said for my Remington 270.

This rifle was terrible. First it was very difficult to load the clip and seat it, but the real problem was getting the slide to completely shut. 

I probably had 15 dry fires because the slide was not always shut.  I am normally a very proficient rifle shot. I can easily have my group of three shots fit inside a quarter. 

That's not bragging if you can back it up. I did manage two shots that were touching, but after so many dry fires I began to have target panic.

I was unable to get the rifle zeroed. I am going to have someone completely clean the rifle and lubricate it. Hopefully this solves the issue.

I have a hunting trip planned in November with very little confidence in this rifle. Talk about disappointment!

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