Thursday, October 13, 2011

Disabled Hunting Article PPG

Last night I was interviewed By John Hayes, of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette .  He is writing an article regarding disabled hunting and wanted to get some information about my experiences since acquiring a spinal cord injury in 1999.

I always enjoy talking with fellow hunters, it seemed like we were old friends as we were talking on the phone last night.  When I'm speaking with someone new and the topic of hunting comes up, it's not long before he or she realizes I have very similar experiences in the outdoors.

The conversation becomes less about the wheelchair and spinal cord injury and more about the love of the outdoors .    Of animals harvested, animals missed (yes that occasionally does happen), but mostly the shared experiences with friends and family.

Thank you so much John, for advocating for individuals with disabilities .  I am looking forward to reading your article!

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