Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Second Doe Harvest 2011

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go hunting with Beth, my brother John was out of town so she volunteered to take me even though she is not a hunter. So we put on our camouflage and headed to my suburban hunting area.

We arrived in plenty of time and set up my Elusion Mobi-Blind and adapted crossbow brace. The last time I hunted this particular property, eight deer skirted me on my left side. I moved our location about 60 yards in what I thought would be a perfect ambush.

Around 6 PM three doe came down the hill directly parallel to my left shoulder. If they came to my right they would walk right in front of me. Unfortunately they moved to the left, walking behind me. I thought here we go again, but it was still early.

We stayed vigilant, there was plenty of daylight left and I knew we were in a very good location. About 15 minutes later I spotted two doe feeding on acorns above me and a shooter buck about 70 yards to my right. We had three sets of eyes watching and I whispered we have to be careful, don't move.

It took another half hour for the two doe to feed down the hill. The buck was making a scrape, under a licking branch and never did come into range. The two doe actually passed 12 yards from us.

It was the longest half hour I have ever spent especially since I had a bug in my nose! I let the doe move away from me and took a 20 yard quartering away shot. She literally drop in her tracks.

How do I know it was exactly 20 yards? At the start of the hunt I asked Beth to step off 20 yards and arrange some dead grass in a pile. Can you believe this doe died on top of the dead grass?

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  1. Great Job Greg !!! Elusion Camo Mobi Blind scores again !! Great shooting too buddy !!