Friday, May 4, 2012

Batteries and Scopes

Let's talk about being prepared. First of all, I should say I am Obsessive Compulsive and one of the things I hate most in life is being unprepared. The old saying two is one and one is none, should always be used when you're in the field.

I recently purchased a new truglo red dot scope for spring turkey and I absolutely love it. But like all electronics it uses batteries. If I was able bodied I could simply turn the scope on and off independently when I operate the safety. But being a Hunter with a disability, dexterity and fine motor movement is not my specialty. So I turn the scope on once I am set up and ready to hunt and leave it on.

The scope operates on a three volt lithium battery. The cost to replace the batteries is very minimal and I have several replacements in my backpack. I would hate to miss my spring gobbler because I was fumbling with the Scopes on switch trying to save $1.99.

How do you prepare, what are some of your hunting tips?

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