Thursday, May 31, 2012

3D White Oak Acorn Scent

I had the opportunity to go hunting for turkeys one last time this week with the Western Pennsylvania wounded warrior group.

Jeff the president picked me up Tuesday morning at 6 AM and we went out to the property where we met with Hayes, Ed and Philip. Ed and Philip are individuals with disabilities (paraplegic) and are fantastic hunters, sportsmen and friends.

We were all settled into our hunting ground blind's by 7:15 AM. I thought I would try out the new product some of my friends have been telling me about. It's a cover scent (White Oak Acorn Sent), it smells great almost sweet. With the added benefit of keeping bugs and gnats away according to my friends.

I was a little skeptical at first, but the four of us all used the spray. I can say after using it my friends were correct. This covers sent works great as a bug repellent, not one biting fly, gnat or no see-um bothered any of us.

We seen 4 young Tom's but had no shot opportunities. It was still a fantastic day with good friends!  So my spring turkey tag will remain unfilled. 

I plan on using this on all my hunts from now on.

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