Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Western PA Wounded Warriors

Yesterday I was hunting in 84 Pa with the Western PA Wounded Warriors group for turkeys.  I have to say what a great group of guys !

A few weeks ago I contacted their organization and inquired about going hunting with them .   It wasn't very long until I heard back from them.   And we planned to go after some wild turkeys.  

Two of the members Jeff and Hayes came to my house right on time and picked me up for the morning hunt.    I learned that I would also be hunting with another wheelchair hunter , Ed.

Ed  had already bagged his first gobbler of the season with a shotgun, earlier this season with the wounded Warriors so he was using his 10 point crossbow.

Jeff and Hayes loaded me on to a trailer and secured my wheelchair for the trip to the ground blind.   Their organization leases 2800 acres for hunting.  They also do two fishing trips a year on pontoon boats.

It was a beautiful morning and on the way to the ground blind I quickly spotted  four turkeys in the field, along with two deer .   The birds were definitely here.  

We unloaded and quickly got into the blind.  Hayes was an excellent caller and we tried all morning but could not convince  a Tom to come to our decoys.   

The time went quickly and before I knew it, it was time to quit for the day and get some lunch.   They made arrangements for pizza and beverages, and assisted me with lunch .

I just met everyone  that morning, but felt like I knew them forever.   Although we did not get a turkey it was a fantastic day and I'm already planning our next hunt together . 

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