Friday, May 13, 2011

Pioneer Quest Game Calls and Dreams Become Reality

This morning I had the privilege to go turkey hunting with two real professional hunters, Guy Hostutler president of Pioneer Quest Game Calls and Chris Gillin CEO of Dreams Become Reality . My brother John and I met Chris at 4 AM and followed him to a property near Waynesburg Pennsylvania. There we met Guy, Chris transferred me from my wheelchair into a mule and loaded my power wheelchair, hunting blinds and cameras up and we set off up the mountain.

It didn't take very long to get to the hunting area, Chris transferred me back into my power chair and set up my gun brace. They also set up two Primos ground blinds, one for Chris and I and another for Guy and John. Several turkey decoys were deployed and Guy began calling.

Now I am no stranger to turkey calling, I can do a little bit of it myself and have heard friends call in many turkeys over the years. But let me tell you, Guy is absolutely hands-down the best turkey caller I have ever heard in my life.

As the sun came up and the fog began to lift I watched two white tail deer cross the saddle about 100 yards away. It wasn't very long before Chris spotted the first turkey coming to the decoys and Guy's yelps.

Chris was able to use the video camera to watch it approach, as it got closer and closer we looked for a beard, but it was a single hen. It actually approach the ground blind at a distance of 5 yards, I could count the feathers. If it would have been a gobbler, I could easily have taken this bird.

The hen stayed with our decoys for several minutes before moving on. About an hour later a Jake made an appearance but I could not get a bead on him the way my shotgun was pointing. He actually stood around at 25 yards to my left but I could not maneuver my wheelchair for a clean shot. I have to say my heart was racing at this point.

As the sun was getting higher in the sky the temperature in the blind was going up. Another Jake made his approach but hung up at 45 yards. Using the camera once again we could tell it was a young Jake. As he began to walk away I decided to take a shot. At this point I can only see his head. As my shotgun went off I was hoping for a quick, clean kill. But it was not to be this morning, it was a clean miss.

I had so much fun with Guy, Chris and John this morning. It did not matter that I did not kill a bird, I enjoyed myself immensely and made two new friends in the hunting community. It was such a pleasure seeing these professional hunters operate and how they took time and care to make sure I had the best hunting experience possible.

Thank you both so much, I really appreciate everything you did the last two days preparing for my hunt and working so hard to get me a shot. I can't wait to do it again!

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