Friday, March 27, 2015

Western River Game Stalker Pro Electronic Game Call

The Western Rivers Game Stalker Pro Call seems to be a very good product.  I purchased the call through Amazon and it arrived quickly. It came preloaded with 400 calls and was easy to understand and set up.  The call uses eight double AA batteries and the remote uses one 9 Volt battery.  Most of my flashlights use double AA batteries so I usually have a few spares in my backpack.

The turkey calls sound great and I can't wait to set it out with a few decoys and see what walks in this spring.  I am also excited to use this call to bring in a few coyotes. My friend Glenn has been asking me to go coyote hunting in the evenings. This call is a perfect reason to get me out one night hunting.

After I use it a few times in actual hunting situations I will complete a more thorough review. So much for keeping it simple this spring.

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