Thursday, January 17, 2013

Late Season Hunt

I did manage to get out hunting yesterday with my good friend Mike. We had a fantastic time and the weather did cooperate.

The ground blind that Mike set up earlier in the week worked out fantastic. With Mike's help I was all set up by 3:15 PM and ready to hunt. It would not take long and I would see some action.

At 4:50 PM I heard some movement coming 45 yards out in front and to my right. I used my pencil in my mouth to take the safety off of my Tenpoint crossbow. I know from practicing that the safety makes a loud click and I was concerned about the noise.

The three doe were moving from my right to my left but there was no shot opportunity. As I watched the doe pass by, I noticed two of them were circling back, now moving left to right at 20 yards!

As I watched the two deer in my scope the lead doe spotted me sitting in the ground blind. She was not in my shooting lane but I thought I could get an ethical shot. So I activated my BMF trigger activator, releasing the bolt towards her.

I heard the bolt hit a branch and was concerned immediately with the shot.  Mike was watching from his treestand behind me. We waited a few minutes and for Mike to get down from his stand.

He quickly found my bolt and it was a miss. The broadhead had white hair from the does belly but no blood, fat or anything indicating a hit. I had hit a small branch causing me to shoot under the doe.

It seems this is the script for this year's hunting. There is not much time left in this season to redeem myself. But hopefully I get one more opportunity to fill my deer tag.

It was a fantastic evening with Mike and I am very thankful for his help.



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