Friday, January 25, 2013

A Great Hunt

 Davin Fisher, 17, of Montauk, NY was an Accessible Hunter before Boy Scout Troop 136 did a fundraiser to purchase him an Action Trackchair in May 2012. He was born with Spina Bifida, which keeps him in a wheelchair most of the time, but that doesn’t keep him from getting around. He always pushes the boundaries of where his manual chair can go and now where the Action Trackchair WILL GO!!!

He’s been out a few times for deer this season with some sightings but no take downs as of yet. His lottery number came up in the NYS Deer Management Permit lottery, so he’s had some extra time to hunt for his first deer.

On January 12, Davin, his father Bob Fisher and his friend Max Akkala got up before dawn to go duck hunting on Fort Pond in Montauk. They got to their spot and got Davin in his Action Trackchair. With 8 decoys set out off the shoreline and dawn about to break Davin began using his duck calls to lure the birds in.

Right away they could see ducks coming into the area and Davin was able to call a few close enough for a shot. They got a Mallard Drake and 3 Hooded Mergansers also known as Sawbills because of their serrated, hooked bills.

Later on that day Bob deboned the ducks and made a duck parmesan dish that Davin said “was very good!” but not his first time that way. With only a week left on his NYS DMP he’s hoping to get into the woods a couple more times. When asked if he’s waiting for a big buck for his first deer his response was “I just want a deer!”. Great job on your duck hunt! And good luck bagging your first deer!