Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shooting 2'' High

I went to the archery range yesterday evening and was surprised to see my crossbow was shooting 2'' high all of a sudden...

It was shooting great the last time out so maybe it was me.  I know I will be back at Falcon Archers and get it dialed in before doe season this September.

I was on a little bit of a slope so I was fighting gravity and my brace that holds the crossbow was a little unsteady... that may have added to the issue.

My brother is going to make me a small ramp from three 2 x 4's glued together.  This mini ramp will be 12'' long and allow me to drive one wheelchair tire up as needed, to level out while hunting in a ground blind this year.

something like this

Being level makes a huge difference when you have no trunk control, gravity sucks!

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