Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pa State Game Lands APP

The Pennsylvania State game commission recently came out with a game lands APP for $9.99.... I think I will save my money for now, what are your thoughts and opinions?


This official Pennsylvania Game Commission application is GPS enabled and designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with easy access to all of Pennsylvania's State Game Lands. Using your smartphone or tablet's built-in navigation features, it provides turn-by-turn directions to parking lots, shooting ranges and check stations and includes details on 2012-13 seasons and regulations for the destinations you select.

Using the internal map function, each destination can be viewed on a roadmap, with satellite imagery or in a hybrid view allowing you to identify the key features of the local area.

Simple menus allow you to search for State Game Lands by SGL number or WMU or to list State Game Lands closest to your present location. All results appear in distance order allowing you to find the nearest State Game Lands access no matter where you are.

Looking for State Game Lands beyond your current location? Just enter any Pennsylvania city into the search criteria to plan your next adventure. You can even save your favorite destinations for future use.

Use the "Report Your Harvest" feature to phone in or input your harvests and follow turn-by-turn directions to check stations.

The "Find Game Commission Facilities" feature provides turn-by-turn directions and contact information to Pennsylvania Game Commission offices and facilities

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