Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Remington 750 Woodmaster Repair

I finally received my rifle back from Remington. I picked the rifle up last night at cabelas. The repairs took from February 17th until June 19th. I was very disappointed with this Remington rifle (750 Woodmaster semi-auto) from day one it had problems.

I spoke to the manager at cabelas and explained the whole situation to him. He listened patiently to the entire story and agreed it was poor customer service on Remington's part. He also said he had seen Remington take up to eight months to repair a rifle.

He offered me a $50 gift card to cabelas which I thought was very nice of him. After all, Remington had my rifle longer than I did at this point. Not to mention the disappointment in dry firing on two monster white tailed deer last year in Missouri.

Remington replaced the receiver and hopefully it no longer dry fires. I need to take it to the firing range and run a few boxes of shells through it to see if it is really fixed. One thing I did learn from the whole situation is if they replace the receiver on a rifle, you have to fill out all the paperwork again because it has a new serial number.

I used to really love Remington rifles and thought they were among the best. I can honestly say I will not be purchasing any new Remington's after my recent experience. What are your thoughts? What's your favorite rifle?

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  1. I just bought a Remington 750 and it completely malfunctioned. After a light cleaning, and 4 diiferent amos it jamed each and every shot and them the safety got stuck in the fire positon, The magazine is cheapened from the old ones. Sometimes it ejected but did not reload but every time it was empty it failed to leave the action open. If any semi auto failed on out ten that would be bad the remington 750 failed 10 out of 10, not to mention the danger of trying to undo a jammed shell while the safety is stuck in the fire position. Tom