Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bow Hunting Illinois This Fall.

I will be hunting in Illinois this fall with my crossbow. I will be hunting with my good friend Ryan from L.E.D. Outdoors LLC . I have been thinking about this hunt since last year when Ryan made the offer to allow me to hunt on his property.

Ryan only allows bow hunting on his 2000 acres.  He runs a first class operation and is a great sportsman.  I have hunted with Ryan in Pa the last few years.  Oh and did I mention... Ryan is doing this FREE of charge for me?

Last night I purchased my Illinois hunting license from the department of natural resources online. I love how easy it is to purchase hunting and fishing licenses online these days.  It's one step closer to pursuing giant Whitetail deer.

I am really thankful to Ryan and I hope I have the opportunity to harvest one of these big boys that are on the property like he did last year.

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