Monday, April 2, 2012

Grouse Grab Elusion Style

This is some great video of Elusion camo in action.  I spoke to Lee last night and he was telling me another benifit of Elusion camo was it resist ticks for some reason.

If anyone else in Elusion Camo has had the following thing happen Please post and tell us about your experience.
Lee said;

I have known since day 1 in the woods wearing Elusion that Ticks and other bugs dont BUG us.....But did not know why. Today we were in an area known to be tick infested.....and of the 4 of us wearing our Elusion camo.....No one even had one on them.
Later I saw 2 Ticks on my BOOT....when the first one got on my Camo....He fell off.....I watched as the second tick got on the legging...and poof he fell off as well..
Not sure what the hell happened.....but I picked them both up...and their legs were curled and they didnt try to get on my hand. I hope we figure this out soon. PS this IS NOT AN April Fool. This is dead serious. Thanks

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