Saturday, April 28, 2012

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Spring Gobbler Season:

April 28- May 31, 2012

Statewide. Only turkeys with visible beards are legal. Hunting by calling only—no stalking —one-half hour before sunrise until noon from April 28 through May 12, and then from one-half hour before sunrise to onehalf hour after sunset from May 14 through May 31. Hunters are asked to be out of the woods by 1 p.m when closing hours are noon.


In both spring and fall seasons, it is unlawful to possess or use live turkeys as decoys, or to drive or use electronic callers or devices. Dogs can be used to hunt turkeys during the fall season but not during the spring.


The use of turkey blinds is legal under the following definition: Any artificial or manufactured turkey blind consisting of all man-made materials of sufficient density to block the detection of movement within the blind from an observer outside the blind. Artificial or manufactured turkey blinds consisting of all man-made materials means blinds must be constructed of plastic, nylon, canvas, cotton cloth, plywood or other manmade materials. Blinds made by piling rocks, logs, branches, etc. are unlawful.
The blind must completely enclose the hunter on all four sides and from above to block the detection of movement within the blind. When fluorescent orange is required at a stationary calling location in fall seasons, at least 100 square inches must be displayed outside the blind and within 15 feet of the blind, visible 360 degrees.

Spring Gobbler Season:
Arms & Ammunition:
1) Manually operated and semi-automatic shotguns limited to a 3-shell capacity in the chamber and magazine combined;
2) Muzzleloading shotguns of all types and gauges;
3) Long, recurve, compound bows or crossbows with cutting-edge broadheads.

Fine shot no larger than No. 4 lead, No. 2 steel or No. 4 of any other approved nontoxic shot. Rifle/shotgun combination guns may be used if ammunition is limited to shotgun shells. Carrying or using single projectile ammunition, rifles or handguns is unlawful.

Fluorescent Orange Requirements:
Spring Season: Fluorescent orange is no longer required but is recommended when moving through the spring woods.

Tagging, Reporting Requirements:

Successful turkey hunters must follow all instructions printed on tags supplied with licenses. Separate tags are provided for fall and spring seasons. The turkey must be tagged immediately after harvest and before the carcass is moved. The tag must be securely attached to a leg until the bird is prepared for consumption or mounting. Once you have used your tag it is unlawful to possess it in the field.

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