Thursday, August 25, 2011

Shooting In your Crossbow

Here are a few tips when you zero in your crossbow. If you would like to add any additions please feel free to do so.

1. Number your bolts (arrows). Believe me every arrow is different and you may occasionally get a flyer or outlander.

2. Start shooting at a close distance (10 yards) from a steady rest. When you group 3 bolts tight, move to 20 yards.

3. On a crossbow scope, 20 clicks equal 1 inch at 20 yards... yes I know it sounds like a lot but that's what it is.

4. Buy yourself a good bag target capable of stopping today's high-powered crossbows. They also make it very easy to remove the bolt, 3 D deer targets are extremely difficult to pull the bolt out of. Be sure of your background and be safe.

5. On a graduated crossbow scope, each line down represents approximately 10 yards. The first crosshair should be sited in at 20 yards, then 30 ect. Write down the exact yardage for your particular bow, the second line may be 28 yards not 30. Tape this chart onto your stock for quick reference when hunting.

Shoot as much as your schedule allows before the season, you owe it to the game and to yourself so that when Bullwinkle approaches you can close the deal!

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