Sunday, August 14, 2011

Action TrackChair Customized

My Action TrackChair is now ready for bow season, after we made a few customizations. Being a high-level quadriplegic I thought it was necessary to make a few changes that would enable me to hunt for long hours.

The first thing we did was install a four-point harness because I have no  trunk control.  These will easily slip over my shoulders and connect at the chest securing me into the chair.  Then a "T" handle joystick controller.

The second thing we did was remove the standard seat cushion and install the base plate for my be adaptive hunting rig.

Next we put on a much better pressure relief seating system.   The Roho Quatro seat cushion, this is the seat cushion that I use every day in my standard chair .  

And finally we installed the adapted hunting rig from Be Adaptive, now the only thing missing is getting this fantastic wheelchair into my hunting spot .  I am so ready for Bullwinkle !

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