Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Target Shooting

I was able to get to the range in Washington County yesterday and do a little target shooting. I was at the Pennsylvania Game Commission shooting range near Claysville Pa. It's a 100 yard range and is wheelchair accessible.

The range has several shooting benches but is not covered by any pavilion or cover. The road into the shooting range is a little rough but my mini van was able to get there without any issues.

Hopefully I can get back out before the weather turns cold but if not, at least the 308 is sighted in. As you can see my 5th shot was a flyer.

I would also like to say I really enjoy using the Splatter Burst Peel and Stick 8 inch targets.  They are very easy to put up and you can clearly see your point of impact from 100 yards out through your scope. This eliminates the need for a spotting scope or walking back-and-forth to check the target.

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