Monday, August 10, 2015

Ham and Bacon Shoot

Yesterday was the ham and bacon shoot sponsored by the Western Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors at the California Hill Gun Club.  The weather was beautiful and we had a good group of shooters come out to support a great organization.

I shot six rounds really well but did not win any bacon or ham. My groups were tight and consistent but I just could not get closest to the X with a single BB. That's the great part of shooting in a ham and bacon contest. Anyone can win with a little luck.

One thing I would like to mention is winning is not always about the prize. And let's not get confused, this is not about handing out participation trophies to children in athletics. Everyone who participated in yesterday's event, able bodied or disabled was a winner. Several of the shooters had significant disabilities and they were still able to compete and win.

We all support each other and share in each others success. One particular young man is new to shooting. Several of us offered encouragement, let him use our shotguns and cheered for him to win. Unfortunately he did not win a prize but I think he took away something much more valuable. A feeling that he was part of a group, a feeling that he could accomplish his goals, and a sense of belonging.

It's amazing what can happen with the right group of people. When we encourage and support each other we all win.

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