Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Preparing for Texas

Santa Claus is not the only person making a list and checking it twice. I'm working on my list for my upcoming hunt in Texas with Savage Outdoors.

Rifle Case (rifle, shells, strap, locks)
Chest strap
Tools (adjustable wrench, pliers)
Balaclava (heavy and light)
Boonie hat
Para cord 
Duct tape 
Zip ties
Hunting license 
Roho pump
Extra BMF Trigger's
Emergency bars, snacks 
Cathater bags (leg, day, night)
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, razor, deodorant)
Bed pads
Bowel program supplies 
Prescription medication
Goose down jacket 
Black shirts 
Camo Columbia jacket 
Black sweats
Black tee shirt 
Phone and chargers

I have not been on a plane in several years but I still remember the difficulty traveling with a power wheelchair and being a quadriplegic. The airlines certainly don't make it easy. Airplanes are not what I would call Wheelchair accessible.

Wheelchairs are checked like baggage which means I will have to remove my seat cushion and sit in a regular plane seat. This will make it impossible to weight shift on the 3 1/2 hour flight. Because I have no trunk control, I had to make a chest strap to attach to the airplane seat. This will keep me from falling forward in the seat. It's amazing what you can buy on Amazon and put together.

I made the decision to ship down my shooting mount and wheelchair battery charger with UPS.  Trying to handle that equipment through the airport would be too difficult along with my rifle case and other luggage. I'm thankful I have a backup charger to keep at home.

Traveling with a disability brings a whole new set of problems. I try to imagine what I cannot live without for a few days and that's what I plan on taking on my carry-on in case the airline loses my bag. Of course there are all kinds of restrictions on what I can take in my carry-on.

I am also taking back up trigger activators from BMF. If the airline loses my rifle for a few days I can borrow one from the outfitter, attach my trigger activator and still be able to complete my hunt.

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