Wednesday, November 12, 2014

.243 Shooting and Venison on The Smoker

Yesterday I took advantage of the great 70 degree weather to finish sighting in my .243 at the Western Pa Wounded Warriors range.  I get frustrated with my shooting groups these days.  I use to be able to have my shots touching, but as the song goes "I'm doing all right for the shape I'm in".  I have to be satisfied with 1 inch groups.  I am glad its sighted in and ready for my next hunting adventure.

In the afternoon we put some venison, pork, a turkey breast and a few pieces of salmon on my weber smoker.  I like to use mesquite wood for my smoke and Kingsford charcoal.  We used a dry rub from A1 this time on the meat and it turned out great.

While the meat was smoking we cleaned the hide from the 8 point rack.  I bought a mounting plaque for it and hope to have it finished soon. I can't wait to see it on my wall.  It was a great hunt and it's a great trophy for my memories.

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